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These very special hounds were in need of exceptional care and attention. 

Greyhound Support in Kansas City and an amazing group of professionals and volunteers combined their skills, resources, effort, and emotions to make a life-altering difference in the lives of these dogs.  A truly heartfelt thanks to everyone that worked to give these darlings a better life!

Daffy was born with a rare condition that resulted in severely deformed front legs.

Read Daffy's Story!

Buster broke his neck and it healed into an "S-curve".  There was a 50/50 chance that it might be repairable, but it was a chance he had to take. Boxer-Boy Boxer Boy had a mid-tibia torsion which caused growth plate abnormalities in
his back leg.
  Spain had a complete dislocation of her heelbone of one rear leg. Hernietta has a Congenital Peritoneopericardial Diaphragmatic Hernia where a portion of the intestines are pushed up to around her heart.