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These articles are available to Greyhound adoption
groups for use in newsletters and related projects,
provided appropriate credit is given.

We would also love a copy of the printed publication!
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Puppy & Housebreaking Tips
by Ann Peterson

How Can I Help?
by Sue Burkhard

Summer Tips
by Alane Shultz & Kate Bressler

Geriatric Medicine
by Kate Bressler

Beware Positive Reinforcement!
by Lisa Laney, CPDT and Devene Godau

Why Are Seniors So Special?
by Sue Burkhard

Conquering Separation Anxiety
by Ellen Brown

Win or Lose? Struggles of an Animal Rescue
by Sue Burkhard

On The Hunt for a Good Trainer
by Devene Godau

Zackary's Last Plea
by Sue Burkhard

Happy Hounds for Halloween
by Sue Burkhard

The Glass is Half Full
by Kate Bressler

Petsitters, Boarding & Traveling
by Sue Burkhard

The Day Time Stopped
by Sue Burkhard

Why We Continue
by Sue Burkhard

One Hundred Days, One Thousand Memories
by Sue Burkhard

Happy Winter Holidays!
by Sue Burkhard

The Gift of Time
by Sue Burkhard