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bullet Kansas is a “Greyhound saturated” state, with two Greyhound racing tracks and several Greyhound breeding farms. Abilene, Kansas is the home of the National Greyhound Association as well as the Greyhound Hall of Fame.  Because of the high concentration of retired Greyhounds in Kansas, it is not possible to find local homes for each retired and injured dog.  Greyhound Support in Kansas City's hauls move Greyhounds to states that don’t have racetracks and thus have a higher demand for Greyhounds as pets.
bullet These larger hauls involve moving up to 80 Greyhounds throughout several states over one continuous 36-hour period.  These dogs come from area adoption groups, individual kennels on the Woodlands and Wichita Greyhound Park compounds and nearly 30 Kansas farms.

Moving such a large number of Greyhounds requires funds to hire a hauler as well as a professional driver to move and care for the dogs while in transit.  Very careful and precise timing allows adoption groups along the route to meet up with the hauler in order to unload some dogs and load others on the way to the final destination. 


The smaller GUR's (Greyhound Underground Railroad) move anywhere from 1-8 dogs per trip into adoption groups in other areas.  This is accomplished by dividing the route into 'legs' for different volunteers to drive using their own vehicles.  The dogs are transferred from one driver to another at predetermined meetings until they reach their new group.


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